Early Blues & Jazz

We will be listening to some of the greatest early blues and jazz singers of the past and talk about their musicality and thoughtful delivery. Using some of their legendary works as our guide will allow us a deeper understanding of why telling the story through song is imperative for expression and connection.

When choosing a song, ask yourself…

  • What does the song mean to you?

  • When you sing the lyrics, do they make you feel some kind of way?

  • Is it a physical feeling?

  • An emotional one?

  • Why does the song speak to you enough to move you to sing it?

    Singing is a natural human effort to communicate. Singing opens doors to other cultures and languages, and it makes you feel good. The combination of world-class artists and passionate singers at Voice Works creates a rare community, safe for participants of all levels to participate.

Day and night you’ll soak up styles, songs, and new techniques in a range of vocal traditions. Through close observation and personal experimentation you’ll learn about breathing, phrasing, dynamics, how to make your voice blend, and what makes your voice unique.

The workshop is open to everyone. Differing levels of ability are expected, and the faculty will respond to participant need accordingly. If you’re on the beginning end of the spectrum, you’ll find an ample slate of classes to address your needs; likewise, advanced singers will find plenty to challenge them. If you can’t help singing, or if you’ve always wanted to sing with people but for whatever reason you don’t, you should plan to be at this workshop.