sing & chill

Mara Kaye is a real one.

Born and bred in Old Mill Basin, Brooklyn, she’s rocked houses all over NYC and beyond singing her truth with audacious rhythm, love and an uncanny rawness that is unique only to her. 

Some of her most electric and rewarding moments have been her sold-out performances at Joe's Pub, Symphony Space, Shanghai Mermaid and closest to her heart, her very intimate performances at Sunny's Bar in Red Hook.

Backed by treasured veterans of the scene, Mara has brought her own modern charisma and freshness to a historic genre on the verge of being lost. 

You can catch Mara singing ‘Other People’s Blues’ every Tuesday evening at BlackTail, every Wednesday evening at The Dead Rabbit & at Sunny's Bar in Red Hook the first Monday of every month.  She is also appearing in select performances of ‘Sleep No More’. 

Look out for the release of her new project set to come out this winter- ‘fellis’ -a manifest of move-making in Brooklyn, a fresh blend of hip-hop and her blues.