IMAGINE a new artist with deep roots, 

IMAGINE someone with the emotional power and swing of Billie Holiday, 

the deep-blue sorrows and joys of Bessie Smith.  

IMAGINE an artist who makes the traditional NEW.  

A joyous phenomenon, she becomes her songs...

She doesn’t pose; she doesn’t copy, 

but her entrancing music pierces our hearts. 

An unstudied comedy bubbles up in speech: she hails from Brooklyn, 

thus her Sailboat in the Moonlight idles along in Mill Basin.

 On a Twenties record label, she would have been billed as 

COMEDIENNE WITH ORCHESTRA and that odd designation rings true.  

Packing houses as grand as Jazz at Lincoln Center & Symphony Space 

and as intimate and sweet as Sunny's Bar & Jalopy Theater in Red Hook, Brooklyn, 

She is SHOW in the best tradition, an artist Louis Armstrong would admire immensely. 

--Michael Steinman, Jazz Lives

Wednesday evenings @ The Dead Rabbit 

First Monday's @ Sunny's Bar

She is also appearing in One of NYC’s most immersive and thrilling shows, 

Sleep No More 

Saturday Evenings @ 9PM