IMAGINE a new artist with deep roots, 

IMAGINE someone with the emotional power and swing of Billie Holiday, 

the deep-blue sorrows and joys of Bessie Smith.  

IMAGINE an artist who makes the traditional NEW.  

Mix that with the sass and wit only a born and bred Brooklyn girl could spit and you've got 


A joyous phenomenon, she becomes her songs...

She doesn’t pose; she doesn’t copy, 

but her entrancing music pierces our hearts. 

An unstudied comedy bubbles up in speech: she hails from Brooklyn, 

thus her Sailboat in the Moonlight idles along in Mill Basin.

 On a Twenties record label, she would have been billed as 

COMEDIENNE WITH ORCHESTRA and that odd designation rings true.  

Packing houses as grand as Jazz at Lincoln Center & Symphony Space 

and as intimate and sweet as Sunny's Bar & Jalopy Theater in Red Hook, Brooklyn, 

MARA KAYE brings her own modern charisma to the roots of storytelling, 

delivering bittersweet melodies with audacious rhythm.  

She is SHOW in the best tradition, an artist Louis Armstrong would admire immensely. 

--Michael Steinman, Jazz Lives

Catch Mara singing “Other People’s Blues” Tuesday evenings at 


Wednesday evenings at 

The Dead Rabbit 

And First Monday's at 

Sunny's Bar

She is also appearing in One of NYC’s most immersive and thrilling shows, 

Sleep No More 

Every Saturday Evening, 9PM Performance